CAT FACE - Score Completed

I was very lucky to be approached by the very talented Ogo Okpue after meeting many years ago at a small private cinema for the viewing of 'In Transit', he suggested working together in the future. As it does, time flies by, we all drink loads of coffee, get stuck into other projects, move house, twice, and forget everything that hasn't just recently happened. However, Ogo got back in touch at the end of February, asking if I could score his new thriller film he had been producing and directing. It was great to reconnect, and we found we had a great working partnership.

The trailer will be out in the next coupe of weeks, and the film will be debuting at the end of the month. For now, here are some clips of the soundtrack, which I was lucky enough to get Lorien Secanska to record some haunting ethereal vocals for the compositions.