The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall - Nearly Complete

In early March this year I was approached once again by the Fools Cap Theatre team, as we had previously discussed the possibility of me working on their new show. After a time they got in touch again and told me the type of composition that they wanted, and if could I do that for them.

We had a chat, bounced some different ideas and different pieces of music, sank a few beers at a pub in Angel, North London, and I departed with some ideas and a direction. 

'Based on the tale by Edgar Allan Poe, the story tells the journey of a bankrupt artisan, Hans Pfaall, who, in an attempt to escape his miserable situation, decides to reach the Moon by benefit of a giant gas Balloon and the aid of his scientific speculations. During his solitary voyage, where the Moon is his only guide and hope for a new beginning, Pfaall encounters many terrifying dangers and wondrous sights until, after 19 days, his journey comes to an end. Fool's Cap's solo adaptation is a visually fascinating portrait of human migration, perseverance and rebirth.'

After much rehearsal from the team, and a lot of time spent writing and recording we are one week before the show is to be performed, at the Pleasance Theatre, London. The trailer can be seen below.