Romani Beau - Molly and The Boys EP Complete

Born and raised in the Garden of England, Kent. By the time Romani was eighteen he was one of twelve children. Romani spent as much time honing his lyrical skills as he did his image, lyrically Beau’s music is a mixture of folk/country and pop blending elements of love, lament and storytelling. The image is derived from the book character Dorian Gray and it’s without fail to notice his blonde mane upon arrival. 
"The lyrics sound as if he has been to war and back"

We recently finished putting together Romani's first complete EP. After working very hard together with Romani on the arrangements and production, you can finally here the previews below, or order the CD from his website.

Visit his site to learn more about his music, and crazy antics here:

And here, rather to my embarrassment, is a behind the scenes video with Romani and Myself, discussing our aims for the EP, and how many cups of tea one needs in a day...