Orchestration for Seventh Seeker

Very recently joined a very talented bunch of lads and ladies in a symphonic metal act called 'Seventh Seeker' based on the south coast. Had a great mini tour with them at the end of last month to baptise my bass playing and part vocal duties alongside the very talented front woman Daisy Robinson. 


I was also kindly permitted to do some orchestration (one of my favourite parts of writing) for the new material. The writer for this material, and guitarist Steve Walker called me to say how pleased he was with it, think we have just hit on a very epic songwriting/arranging partnership here, can't wait to unleash the epic sounds we will have in store for Seventh Seeker and symphonic metal fans in our live shows booked for next month. More to come!

For more info please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Seventhseekerband