CAT FACE - Score Completed

I was very lucky to be approached by the very talented Ogo Okpue after meeting many years ago at a small private cinema for the viewing of 'In Transit', he suggested working together in the future. As it does, time flies by, we all drink loads of coffee, get stuck into other projects, move house, twice, and forget everything that hasn't just recently happened. However, Ogo got back in touch at the end of February, asking if I could score his new thriller film he had been producing and directing. It was great to reconnect, and we found we had a great working partnership.

The trailer will be out in the next coupe of weeks, and the film will be debuting at the end of the month. For now, here are some clips of the soundtrack, which I was lucky enough to get Lorien Secanska to record some haunting ethereal vocals for the compositions.

The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall - Nearly Complete

In early March this year I was approached once again by the Fools Cap Theatre team, as we had previously discussed the possibility of me working on their new show. After a time they got in touch again and told me the type of composition that they wanted, and if could I do that for them.

We had a chat, bounced some different ideas and different pieces of music, sank a few beers at a pub in Angel, North London, and I departed with some ideas and a direction. 

'Based on the tale by Edgar Allan Poe, the story tells the journey of a bankrupt artisan, Hans Pfaall, who, in an attempt to escape his miserable situation, decides to reach the Moon by benefit of a giant gas Balloon and the aid of his scientific speculations. During his solitary voyage, where the Moon is his only guide and hope for a new beginning, Pfaall encounters many terrifying dangers and wondrous sights until, after 19 days, his journey comes to an end. Fool's Cap's solo adaptation is a visually fascinating portrait of human migration, perseverance and rebirth.'

After much rehearsal from the team, and a lot of time spent writing and recording we are one week before the show is to be performed, at the Pleasance Theatre, London. The trailer can be seen below.

Katarina & Gypsy Fever Quartet

We have been working over the last five months on the new project, brain child of Katarina Gadjanski on re arranging and performing traditional Yogaslavian folk songs. We have finally began to record some and we look to take these, as well as a new set of original material on the road in the near future.

We are currently in the process of looking for funding for the tour, and hopefully a double album for both the above.

For now though, I am delighted we have finally started work on recording some of these excellent tunes.

Romani Beau - Molly and The Boys EP Complete

Born and raised in the Garden of England, Kent. By the time Romani was eighteen he was one of twelve children. Romani spent as much time honing his lyrical skills as he did his image, lyrically Beau’s music is a mixture of folk/country and pop blending elements of love, lament and storytelling. The image is derived from the book character Dorian Gray and it’s without fail to notice his blonde mane upon arrival. 
"The lyrics sound as if he has been to war and back"

We recently finished putting together Romani's first complete EP. After working very hard together with Romani on the arrangements and production, you can finally here the previews below, or order the CD from his website.

Visit his site to learn more about his music, and crazy antics here:

And here, rather to my embarrassment, is a behind the scenes video with Romani and Myself, discussing our aims for the EP, and how many cups of tea one needs in a day...

Gypsy Fever

So we kick off to a fresh new 2015, we had some great Gypsy Fever shows last month (Including two gigs in one night, one of which was filmed and recorded that I look forward to posting some videos up of.

The project is also developing an acoustic side-line, in which we play arrangements of traditional Balkan and Romanian tunes, with a few originals thrown in there, the most recent being 'Gypsy Dance' or now 'Jana' which I composed in a Celtic style but has been mashed with some Serbian vocals.

I have taken to playing the whistles and mandolin for this, some instruments I have enjoyed exploring more deeply in the past couple of months.

Here is a demo to demonstrate the softer side of Gypsy Fever:

Orchestration for Seventh Seeker

Very recently joined a very talented bunch of lads and ladies in a symphonic metal act called 'Seventh Seeker' based on the south coast. Had a great mini tour with them at the end of last month to baptise my bass playing and part vocal duties alongside the very talented front woman Daisy Robinson. 


I was also kindly permitted to do some orchestration (one of my favourite parts of writing) for the new material. The writer for this material, and guitarist Steve Walker called me to say how pleased he was with it, think we have just hit on a very epic songwriting/arranging partnership here, can't wait to unleash the epic sounds we will have in store for Seventh Seeker and symphonic metal fans in our live shows booked for next month. More to come!

For more info please visit: 

Please Support 'Once Upon A Nightmare'.

The guys at Box Step Productions have written an amazing fantasy script that will make an audience laugh, cry and wet themselves with fear. (Well, maybe not the latter, but will certainly give a few tingles in your spine.) 

It can only go further to these audiences with some financial backing, so please check out this kickstarter campaign for Once Upon a Nightmare, and help make this dream become a reality.

There are also some goodies in it for anybody that donates!


Once Upon A Nightmare - Almost Done

The new Dark fantasy adventure play from the makers of the hit show "Death Ship 666!" Premiering in London (Jul 1- 6, Courtyard Theatre) and Edinburgh Festival this Summer 2014.

Finishing the original soundtrack for this project feels like coming to the end of an epic journey. Many, many late nights paired with very early mornings, composing and arranging as the sun comes up has just added to the surreal and fantastical nature of the beast that is 'Once Upon A Nightmare.' I hope everybody enjoys hearing the music paired this excellent play as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Dream well!