Alex Paton is a young composer and musician, providing bespoke music for film, television, dance and theatre.

With a background in music from a young age and performing on a range of instruments in orchestras, brass bands, rock & metal bands and folk ensembles, Alex has developed a wide compositional palette that draws from a variety of genres and styles. This is evident in his bespoke compositions which encompass genres of many styles. Initially attracted to film scores at the age of seven after hearing John Williams' 'Imperial March' (or commonly know as Darth Vader's theme in Star Wars), Alex pursued composition by studying music and music technology at degree level whilst working for a number of production companies and building relationships with enthusiastic directors, producers, writers and choreographers. He has since collaborated with high profile companies in and outside the UK.

Over recent years, completed bespoke compositions have been commissioned for full length films, short films, documentaries, theatre work, dance and corporate advertising, examples of which can be found on the showreels page. 

Alex also works as and performs as a solo musician, band member and artist. Performing on a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, mandolin, trumpet, Irish whistles and more, he has played at a number of prestigious venues and festivals around Europe.

If you are in need of good quality unique bespoke music or arrangements for your project, get in touch. For examples of previous work please visit the 'Showreels' page on this website.